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Verisense was designed with the trial participant at front of mind.

Trial Participants

Verisense offers minimum burden to the participant, resulting in maximum compliance.

Automatic data upload and up to 6 month battery life means there is no interaction between the participant and the data capture process.

This sensor doesn’t impact on daily life:

  • Water and impact resistant

  • Continuous wear for up to 6 months, with battery replacement option for extended trials

  • Comfortable and non-intrusive


Verisense offers all the raw participant data that can be used with peer reviewed algorithms to identify disease specific end-points.

  • Large data sets from the raw data can be used to develop a database and ascertain novel endpoints for a wide variety of diseases and disorders

  • Real time study management allows for immediate response to issues that arise, resulting in overall time reduction and cost savings

  • Flexible service options gives sponsors better control over the scope of their trial - measure only what you need

Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

With the Verisense Cloud Platform, CROs can set up trial sites, assign sensors and base stations, and configure algorithms. Main benefits include:

  • Minimizes data loss

  • Automatic data upload and easy integration with current platforms

  • Replaceable battery lasts up to six months allows for multiple or extended trial periods

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With automated data upload and streaming, and the option to integrate with current data management software, Verisense offers minimum burden on sites and CROs.

Clinical Trial Sites

Verisense offers minimum burden on the sites with automated data upload and streaming, and the option to integrate with current data management software. Main benefits include:

  • Automatic data upload

  • Instant alerts for low battery, not being worn, connectivity issues

  • Ability to message the participant as desired

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Site set up takes about five minutes and we provide full staff training on the Verisense platform.