What is Verisense™

Verisense is a new wearable sensor designed specifically for clinical trials. It allows for continuous remote monitoring of participants’ activity and sleep, with minimum burden on both the participant and the site. It includes a clinical trial management platform with full integration options for sponsors, so you can seamlessly manage your participant data.

For over 10 years Shimmer has been a leading provider of wearable wireless sensing solutions for research and commercial solutions. Shimmer’s technology and service has been used by thousands of researchers at top companies, universities, and research institutes in over 75 countries. Unlike other sensing providers, Verisense has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of clinical trials.

Verisense outputs raw data, as well as providing peer reviewed algorithms for activity and sleep. It has maximum data reliability utilizing data quality assurance tools. Additionally, we can work with you to integrate our software into your current EDC (electronic data capture) or clinical trial management platform.

Through a number of strategic partnerships, we are able to offer our clinical research customers access to data sets and algorithms that can develop endpoints for a wide variety of disease states.