Our Verisense product offering includes three main components; the Verisense IMU sensor, the Verisense Base Station and the Verisense Cloud Platform, that all work together seamlessly.

Verisense sensor, base unit, and wrist strap selection

Verisense sensor, base unit, and wrist strap selection

The Verisense IMU

  • General purpose Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

  • No touch operation

  • No charging

  • Replaceable battery with up to six-month life

  • Water resistant

  • Impact resistant

  • Automatic data encryption and upload

  • Interchangeable bands and cradle for flexible styling

    Verisense IMU sensor specifications

The Verisense Base Station

  • Collects data whenever sensor is in range

  • Automatic data upload via cellular or WiFi

  • Alerts participant and web server to issues

  • Simple site setup

  • Designed to be placed and forgotten

  • Links multiple sensors

The Verisense Cloud Platform

  • Monitors all sites at a glance

  • Able to drill down to specific sensors

  • Can send messages to sites and directly to Base Stations

  • Generates activity and sleep metrics from peer reviewed algorithms

Additional sensors, such as ECG, EMG, GSR, PPG, and bio-impedance, will be integrated into the Verisense offering in the near future.


Shimmer is committed to ensuring that all Verisense deployments are successful. We provide a range of services to support you from the beginning of your trial, right through to its conclusion. These include:

  • Training

  • Data integration

  • Algorithm development customization

  • Logistics

  • Data collection monitoring

  • Device location customization

The Verisense platform is not just limited to activity and sleep monitoring. It can be easily extended for other applications. Multiple Verisense IMU sensors can be worn on a single participant in different body locations. This opens up the ability to generate additional metrics for applications such as Gait and Falls, Parkinson's tremor classification, joint angle calculation and rehab exercises.

In addition, the Verisense platform is adaptable and can be customized to meet your specific needs.